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Liberty Oaks

Host Your Corporation's Wellness Retreat at Liberty Oaks

Experience tailored retreats that boost productivity and foster well-being. Join us to recharge and strengthen your team in our serene 20-acre sanctuary.


Where wellness meets productivity, transformation begins.

August 3, 2024:
Meditation on the Meadow

Our event includes two enriching segments: an introduction to meditation and a session on mindfulness and thoughtful leadership. Enjoy guided meditations with soothing background music, engaging discussions, and practical insights. Join us for a morning of relaxation, self-discovery, and personal growth. 

Our Therapeutic Garden Initiative

At Liberty Oaks, our therapeutic garden and flower farm create a sensory-rich environment that promotes healing and connection with nature. We welcome diverse groups, including schools, veterans, clinics, and community organizations, providing a safe space for reflection and meaningful conversations. Help us with our initiative. 

Over the shoulder view of womanat a drawing board, drawing with a fineliner, designing a garden.

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